Comtech Design Print & Mail & Presort First Class Join Forces


Presort First Class and Comtech Design Print & Mail announced today that the two companies are joining forces to expand their product offerings and broaden resources available for delivering services. Combined, the two companies have provided direct mail services to the Oklahoma City market for 57 years.
“The market for direct mail services is highly competitive and growing rapidly,” Joe Vanlandingham, President and CEO of Presort First Class, observed. “Combining Presort’s capabilities in processing large volume mailings and Comtech’s creative resources will give the two companies an impressive offering and powerful message for our current and prospective customers.”
Direct mail involves every type of mail that can be delivered to an individual, from periodicals to post cards and from advertising to monthly billing statements. For many years, marketing and advertising moved from mail to online digital methods, according to Michael Morrison, CEO of Comtech Design Print & Mail.
“In the past couple of years, direct mail has returned to a prominent place in the marketing portfolio, as companies have realized that balance between digital and direct mail marketing is required to effectively reach the marketplace,” Morrison added.  “Presort’s ability to efficiently and cost-effectively process large volumes of mail will appeal to companies making this transition.”
“With state-of-the-art equipment and remarkably talented employees, the joint force of these two companies can meet a wide variety of direct mail processing and marketing needs, now and for another 57 years,” Vanlandingham declared.
Presort First Class was founded in Oklahoma City in 1982 and is a leader in automated processing and printing of First-Class mail. The company is located in southeastern Oklahoma City and currently employees 75 people. Presort is SSAE certified and HIPAA compliant.
Comtech Design Print & Mail was founded in 1999 and has been nationally recognized by the U.S. Postal Service for unique and effective marketing through direct mail solutions. The company is located in northeastern OKC and currently employs 25 people.