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June 17, 2019 - 3:15pm
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September 23, 2018 - 2:45pm
create order out of chaos with document imaging

Document scanning also known as document imaging has gone from a necessity for very few industries to an essential for almost all industries. Document scanning allows information to be easily accessible to whoever the employer desires and costs less to maintain than keeping paper documents.

May 25, 2018 - 5:55am
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Document Imaging is a growing and evolving field. What was once seen as a space saver and environmentally friendly way to store records has now become much more. Document Imaging is used in all kinds of work environments like the legal and medical professions, but also for government, security, and other business owners who seek to easily locate the information they have stored while maintaining the safety and integrity of those documents.

January 25, 2016 - 3:26pm
Snow plow

~~Capital Metro Area - Winter Storm Jonas Updates
No issues; normal operations.
No issues; normal operations.                                  
The Greensboro District has resumed normal operations in retail and delivery; plants are open.
The Mid-Carolinas District has resumed normal operations in retail and delivery; plants are open.

January 25, 2016 - 12:59pm
Winter Weather Alert

USPS Service Alerts

Last updated Jan. 25, 2016, 11 a.m. ET

USPS Service Alerts provide information to consumers, small businesses and business mailers about postal facility service disruptions due to weather-related and other natural disasters or events. Service alerts are done in near real time.

Residential customers and small businesses can use this website to learn if mail is being delivered, or if their Post Offices are open. Business mailers are provided more detailed information about USPS mail processing facilities, and the operating status of postal...


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