What is Presorted First Class Mail?

What is Presorted First Class Mail?

Did you know that if your organization is sending out at least 500 letters at one time, you can save money with the USPS by using presorted first class mail? Presorting puts all the letters in zip code order. And since it takes far less time for the US Post Office to process them, you get a discount on the per-piece postage for that batch of letters.

Also, when you use a presorting service such as Presort First Class, you won't have to pay the required $240 annual fee the USPS charges to start sending presorted first class -- saving you even more!

So just how can you start reaching existing and potential customers while saving money on postage at the same time? Here are some tips to get started.

Types of Mail

If you have limited or no experience with presorted first class mailings, you might wonder what types of mail qualify for the sorting discount? Usually it involves sending information to someone that is different for each recipient (unlike marketing mail where the message and information are identical). 

Below is a short list of the most common items sent by businesses that you may not have considered for presorting:

  • Invoices, Bills, and Statements
  • Contracts
  • Letters
  • Cards
  • Postcards
  • Personalized correspondence
  • Flat parcels (under 13 ounces)

Size and Shape 

If you decide to move forward with bulk, presorted mail, we recommend you stick with a standard size and shape. Presorted first class mail is also limited to 3.5 ounces per piece for letters and 13 ounces for flats.

Why is this? Each mailable piece must be “machineable”. Pieces that are odd shaped, oversized, undersized, or contain items that make the piece an inconsistent thickness will jam the Post Office’s machines. These pieces must be processed manually, which increases the cost of your mailing. 

Interested, but still have questions on how moving to bulk presorted first class mailings for your organization can help save you money? Feel free to contact us for a no cost, no hassle explanation.