Postcard Designs: Creating a Campaign For the Holidays

Postcard Designs: Creating a Campaign For the Holidays

The holiday season is big business for many companies and the right marketing message sent at the right time can be critical for having your voice heard in the crowd. Direct Mail marketing can be very effective.  Here are 4 tips for creating a really good holiday marketing postcard.

Share Some Cheer
The holiday season is filled images and words that fill people with memories of the season’s traditions and happy events. If you are going to send out direct mail during the holidays, participate in some way using colorful and cheerful graphics.

Choose Quality Materials
Make sure the material it is printed on is strong - using thicker and more water resistant materials. Holiday mail sees even more hands and competing mail than most. You want your message to arrive on a clean, crisp postcard - not one that covered in battle scars.  Pretty postcards with the theme of the season may even make it to an area where cards from family are shown off.

Encourage a Response
Be sure to include a VIP discount or coupon code, and invite them to view your entire catalog at your website. Use unique discount codes so that you can track ROI. Follow up with items left in online shopping carts with a timely postcard. That item is still fresh in your shopper’s mind. A little nudge with a discount may be all it takes to convert an abandoned shopping cart into a sale.

Offer Incentives
Offer an incentive on your postcard for bringing a friend along as a new customer with a discount code. Or create your postcard as an invitation to a sale or special event offering savings for the recipient and their +1. Either way, you build loyalty by giving them the chance to share the savings with their friends and you can gain an introduction to a new customer.

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