Top 5 Trends in Postcard Marketing

The bigger they come, the harder they are to ignore

Oversized Postcards (some as large as 8x13.5) are becoming a BIG thing this year among marketers. Postcards already enjoy the benefit of having some of the best return on investment for direct mail marketing. Add to that bigger pieces that demand the attention of the mailbox holder and you’ve hit a postcard marketing jackpot. Expect to see many more of the larger postcards in your own mailbox this Fall.

Wrapping the postcard in cellophane 

Everyone loves to unwrap something - even if that something is as simple as a postcard. Wrapping your direct mail postcard in cellophane can make the user feel the postcard is more important or special than the rest of the mail they have received. It can certainly cause your message to stand out from the crowd.

Customer Loyalty Programs are ramping up their DM pieces

It seems that everywhere you go these days there is a loyalty card program in place. In addition to saving you money, the company can provide custom offers based on your personal shopping habits and preferences. Because direct mail marketing postcards so often increase the chance of a buyer conversion,  you can expect to see more postcards in your mailbox from your loyalty cards this year.

Adding Textures or Coatings

Adding Textures or Coatings to accentuate the feel of the paper is a very popular method of causing a piece of mail to stand out to the recipient.  Not only can the right coating make your piece look professional, it can change the feel of the piece and grab the attention of your target customer.

Green postcards

Many businesses are working to make their companies more enviro-friendly and are choosing “green” options when designing their postcard marketing campaign. From the paper the card is printed on to the type of ink used, many companies, small and large, are finding the opportunity to make a statement about their environmental stance with their direct mail.

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