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Lettershop Services

lettershop services equipment

Presort First Class' complete lettershop services provides you with the direct marketing solutions you need to manage every aspect of your mailing project, including Inserting, Inkjet Addresses, Labels & Manual Processing.

We keep up with all the latest information on all USPS regulations, discount levels, mailing classes and requirements and a thorough understanding of classification reform. We can help you analyze your mailing needs and save your company time and money.

  • Click and request a quote today from presort first classSelective Inserting - Our selective inserting equipment allows us to insert different pieces, up to six predetermined variables.
  • High-Speed Inkjet Addressing - Did you know it's more attractive and usually costs less to inkjet your customer's name and address directly onto each piece, rather than labeling it yourself?

    Cards, envelopes, flyers, name it: your mail will appear as though it was individually addressed. All you need to do is provide your mailing list to us on disk. The amount you save on postage and labor often covers the additional printing cost.

    If you don't have a mailing list, we can help you compile one and can even compare two databases and remove duplicates addresses. Then we can sort your database by carrier route "walk sequence order", giving you the lowest possible postal rate.

  • Labels - If you have pressure sensitive (one to three-up) or "Avery" type sheet labels we can do it.
  • Tabbing - If you have material that needs to be closed such as a bi-folded or tri-folded letter piece, Presort First Class's Buskro High-Speed Tabber will tab the mail piece closed to get the better postage rate to save your company money.
  • Custom Laser Printed Statements - We're your choice for upgrading the quality of your statements and mailings with custom laser printing.
  • Manual Processings - Some projects are still better managed by hand. We can manually process small or unique projects that require personal handling and care.

Services Offered - Presort First Class conveniently provides you any service necessary to complete your mailing:

Sealing Metering Indicia-permits
Sorting Tabbing Stamp Affixing
Inserting Bar-coding Ink Jet Addressing
Labeling Bursting Delivery to USPS
Collating Bundling Folding

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