12 Reasons Why Document Imaging Rocks

Presort First Class is the premier service provider for business mailings in Oklahoma and your best choice for document imaging.  We make the process simple. We will scan your documents, maps, charts or even books, and provide you a CD/DVD with your digital images and then shred or return the physical documents to you. Still not sure if document imaging is right for you?  Here are 12 reasons why we think it is.


  1. Your documents will be safe from mold, smoke, fire, water, wind or any other disaster that could destroy your computer or facility. With document imaging, your files can be saved off-site on CD, hard drive or in the cloud.

  2. View, print or email documents from your desk. With document imaging, retrieving files can be as simple as a few mouse clicks.

  3. Document Images do not deteriorate like paper documents can.

  4. Digital information can be shared online with the public. Rare papers and public documents are now widely available online and not at risk for damage as they would be in their physical form.

  5. No more waiting for a specific document because someone else has it. Document imaging allows for images to be viewed by multiple people from multiple workstations.

  6. Document imaging means fast document retrieval. Whether your supervisor, client or auditor needs information, document imaging means you can provide that information almost immediately.

  7. Repurpose or donate those file cabinets! You’re hi-tech now! Your company converted their documents to digital images!

  8. Document imaging means unlimited storage backup which means your information is never lost.

  9. Digital images can be made centrally available meaning your staff can retrieve their needed documents from their own computers. Document imaging is a huge win for those who work from home or virtual office.

  10. With document imaging, you can be confident knowing the information contained in the document is safe. Access to documents can be password protected to restrict access to certain departments and if your business has a break-in, you will know that private information was not left out for unauthorized eyes.

  11. When you switch to document imaging, you free up storage space that hard copies were taking up. If you were renting space for storage, this could save your business a lot of money.

  12. Document imaging makes your company more “green.”  A positive environmental stand by your company can show your community that you want to make a difference.

​Ready to make the switch from paper to digital or have some questions? Give us a call (405) 677-9633 or contact us through the website.