Postcard Collecting Is IN (Again)

Postcard Collecting Is IN (Again)

Postcard collecting is called deltiology and it is big business for those who make it their hobby. Postcards from artists like Samuel L Schmucker and Donald McGill are collected worldwide Vintage collectible Postcardand sold or auctioned for hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Some collectors are interested in postcards themselves, while others seek out specific topics or subjects. Popular postcard subjects that are collected and exchanged include cities, holidays, art deco, art nouveau, and those with historical significance. 

How a marketer can take advantage
Imagine creating a postcard for your campaign that Deltiologists (postcard collectors) would want in their collections. Your brand name would be kept in the minds of all those who see the postcard and it would be passed on for generations. It is possible. How can you do it?

  • Use outstanding artwork
  • Be original
  • Be clever
  • Use good materials
  • Experiment with different styles and messages

Do you want to stand out from the crowd in today’s world with all of its marketing messages? Create a new buzz with postcards people want to talk about.

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